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Commission from Natethecat24 by DaKiwi-Diary Commission from Natethecat24 :icondakiwi-diary:DaKiwi-Diary 3 0 Just a pug by DaKiwi-Diary Just a pug :icondakiwi-diary:DaKiwi-Diary 6 0 Just a proud sketch 2 by DaKiwi-Diary Just a proud sketch 2 :icondakiwi-diary:DaKiwi-Diary 5 0 Creepypasta pets by DaKiwi-Diary Creepypasta pets :icondakiwi-diary:DaKiwi-Diary 51 12 Kiwi at the dentist by DaKiwi-Diary Kiwi at the dentist :icondakiwi-diary:DaKiwi-Diary 2 7 How Dark met Mia part 2 by DaKiwi-Diary How Dark met Mia part 2 :icondakiwi-diary:DaKiwi-Diary 2 2 Made a poetry at school by DaKiwi-Diary Made a poetry at school :icondakiwi-diary:DaKiwi-Diary 3 3 Kiwi's new wallpaper by DaKiwi-Diary Kiwi's new wallpaper :icondakiwi-diary:DaKiwi-Diary 3 2 For Zorovyle by DaKiwi-Diary For Zorovyle :icondakiwi-diary:DaKiwi-Diary 3 0 Izaya's BDay 2017 by DaKiwi-Diary Izaya's BDay 2017 :icondakiwi-diary:DaKiwi-Diary 10 1 Art for a friend by DaKiwi-Diary Art for a friend :icondakiwi-diary:DaKiwi-Diary 4 0 Art for a friend by DaKiwi-Diary Art for a friend :icondakiwi-diary:DaKiwi-Diary 5 0 Art for your profile by DaKiwi-Diary Art for your profile :icondakiwi-diary:DaKiwi-Diary 5 0 Art for a friend by DaKiwi-Diary Art for a friend :icondakiwi-diary:DaKiwi-Diary 3 3 Our 2017 Luxcon cosplay picture by DaKiwi-Diary Our 2017 Luxcon cosplay picture :icondakiwi-diary:DaKiwi-Diary 2 0 Our LuxCon cosplay GIF by DaKiwi-Diary Our LuxCon cosplay GIF :icondakiwi-diary:DaKiwi-Diary 4 0



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Artist | Student | Other

Welcome to our page! :wave:

My buddy and me are sharing this account but I, Vicky (aka.Kiwi) will mostly take care of this page :meow: (so that makes me the head Admin and Jack (aka.Dark) the sub admin)
Umm also if you're talking about or to the artist(Vicky) and 2nd creator(Jack), call us by our name 'cause "Kiwi" & "Dark" are now our main OCs. ;D

Art is where your imaginations come to life and where your dreams live on...

Do I need to say more?

Heck yeah I need to say more!!

My brain is full of creativities and imaginations that I just had to share it with all of you!!

:la: So this page is like a public diary! (get it? "DaKiwi's Diary" :,D)

We also love doing memes so

don't forget to tag us!

But we're still amateurs so please bear with us, help us improve so we can make better artworks! :floating:
We also don't mind being corrected on orthograph :meow:

The February 7 is our page's anniversary btw!

What would you like to see more on our page?

NO need to thank us

the stamps speak for themselve You're welcome by gothicdork xD also if you watch us, we'll watch you back, just take that as a thanks :meow:

Feel free to talk to us!

We won't bite! 'cause Stamp by Kataang-furuba
Good friends irl:

:iconzorovyle::iconsaysplz:Zorovyle Channel <3
:iconrasbii: <--Sonic fan and awesome artist >w<
:iconharuka-hatoshi: (she does commissions so take a look at her page!)-->

For those who have instagram:… <--talented artist with unique art style <3

Da family:
-Our first watcher: :iconnatethecat24: <---Sonic,commissions/request/animations and over all awesome!
-Our first lovely donator: :iconjossalyngleason: <---young but awesome and talented artist that has potential!
-The 1st artist who drew a fanart for us: :iconaoricial: <---Amazing artist that we won't forget about :,D
-Kawaii cinnamon roll sis: :iconlexxicon23: <---kawaii and creative pokemon writer!

-Good&close friends: :iconbluetora::icontezeze::iconstayweirdandloveband::iconjohanna0666::icontwochopsticks::icongoji1327::iconbluebubble83::iconeyelessjacklegirl:
If you want to belong to our family feel free to ask!
Over all, all of our watchers are amazing ppl!! :dummy::la:

Hope you enjoy our artworks ! :dummy:


DaKiwi-Diary has started a donation pool!
500 / 1,200
Donation pic by DaKiwi-Diary

I appreciate any amount!

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Journal History

*sight* Sooooo Tired  Sometimes when I look at our DA page I feel like..... h3h3Productions #triggered (chat/comment emoticon)

I mean, our page looks so DISORGANISED (in both our Profile & Gallery), our DA ID is so LONG and BORING pretty sure that only 30% of ppl read our ID til the end (ow,o)

Our DA page really needs some needs more....CREATIVITY~ :FeelingFree:Icon moarFrog dance Fool Emoji-32 (Crazy Dance) [V3] and some organisation When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)  

The best way to give this page some attractiveness would be to use Custom text (I also really want those stamps to be better displayed) (and subfolders to better organize stuff)!
But the thing is...those stuff are in premium and....I'm BrOkE    Cry forever Money Bag Emoji 
well you can also get the premium (aka.CORE) with points! (1,200 points for 3 months CORE membership) 

Hwell I can't force you to donate BUT since it's 2017, I made a new year wish and that is

"to get CORE membership"

happy cry XD  so

if you support us and want more of our art


Please donate!

Asuna Praying Icon 

I will soon start doing comissions so that you can choose to donate with either points Make It Rain - NaNoEmo Day 12   OR money :moneyshower: 

...I can't promise that I'll be doing a lot of comissions or even arts 'cause this year I'm actually grounded 'cause of bad grades...and I'm actually suppose to stay far away from DA.... BUT I CAN'T let chu guys down!  bunneh icon14   After all we've been through (although it's been only 11 months & a year) and reached 56 subs, I can't afford to lose y'all bunneh icon8

So...yeah, I probs submit every 2 weeks or more... but I'll do my best and I'll always check on my feedbacks so feel free to talk to us!  Thumbs up okay 

Goal set:

  • Get CORE in 2017
  • Start comissions for points or money
  • Get subfolders to better arrange my artworks
  • Get custom text to have a better display
  • Draw Icons for folders

 I love y'allbunneh icon3and so does Akim XD                    
Free hug! by DaKiwi-Diary  (I probs should do more GIFS too(^w^)

  • Drinking: Bubble tea


Exam weeks are killing me......I wanted to start commissions before the end of this year!! T^T
*sigh* because this is the last term I can't mess it up! T_T
I'm currently working on the comic
"How Dark met Mia, part 2" 
 ARE YOU GUYS EXCITED?! excited happy 

Weeell unfortunately it'll take longer than I expected to finish 'cause I just got a bunch of request and unexpected events :'D 
soooo srry for the wait Neko Emoji-21 (Sweat or Creep out) [V2] 
It's almost easter and I still have no idea what to draw T^T
We got 70/71 watchers today!! Yaay!!! :excited: 
But since today is april fools day, idk if I should trust this O-O (hopefully we're not being pranked rn X,D)
Remember kids, don't trust anyone on 1st april! 
also thx to all of you for your support XD <3
It's almost Easter day! :Only at Easter: (my fav holiday T^T) I can't miss that!!!
But my break time is short so...if I can't draw a easter meme, I might at least draw a easter card i guess... Chisaki Crying Icon 


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